Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust is really pleased to be able support a recollective awareness meditation teacher when they return to New Zealand in November 2016. If in the meantime you’d like a taste – or another taste perhaps – of this kind of meditation practice, Jason Siff and Linda Modaro will be teaching a four-week online course from 25 June to 22 July 2016.

This online course will have both an introductory and an intermediate track running at the same time and will require about five hours of your time each week, including two or more meditation sessions each week.

While registration for the course will open in the week of 1 May 2016, until that date you can reserve a space by filling out an online form here – Tech support will commence in the week of 13 June and the course starts on Saturday 25 June.

The author of Unlearning Meditation: What to do when the instructions get in the way and Thoughts are not the enemy: an innovative approach to meditation practice, here is what Jason has to say about this online course:

‘The last course, which I offered in January of this year, far exceeded my expectations. Participants received the equivalent of what they might get attending a week-long recollective awareness meditation retreat, stretched out over the course of a month and it was done at home instead of at a retreat centre.

‘One thing it confirmed was how this approach to meditation integrates with the rest of our life and does not require a retreat setting to be effective. This makes perfect sense, because by allowing our thoughts and emotions into our meditation sitting from the moment we sit down to meditate, our life enters directly into our meditation practice and then our meditation practice can directly affect our life.

‘Of the 18 people who signed up for the August 2015 month-long online course, 17 continued to the end. I offered 90-minute live interactive talks on each of the four weekends, hour-long small group meetings and individual interviews. I also posted audio recordings from my retreats and workshops, videos for meditation and journalling instruction, articles and excerpts from my books, as well as links to other resources.

‘The participants were actively involved, though not pressured or bombarded with information or assignments and we found a nice balance between meditation, reading and talking.

‘This new course will have all of that. What’s more, participants will be able to keep their own pace and receive individual support for a meditation practice which fits into their own life.

‘I will be giving two 90-minute meditation workshops each weekend, one with time-zone consideration for those in New Zealand and Australia (American and Canadian participants can attend if they wish) and another timed for those in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe.

‘On weekdays, Linda Modaro and I will be offering small group online interviews and, along with other teachers trained in recollective awareness meditation, Linda will offer individual interviews on the phone or by Skype.

‘We will have a course manager who will assist everyone getting up and running, maintain a web page and provide access to the various supplemental materials. She has created video tutorials to help people connect via computer to the talks and small groups, and will be available to troubleshoot problems participants might encounter when trying to log on.’

The fee for the course is USD $200 per person. Participants can ask for a reduced fee and people in groups of two or more taking the course together will only be asked to pay $100 each. If you have any questions about this course, send an email to To register, go to Online Course/.