Support Linda Modaro

US meditation teacher Linda Modaro travelled around New Zealand during November 2016 teaching the practice of recollective awareness meditation, in which people are invited to look deeply into their own meditative process and recall their experience in journal form.

We sought your generosity to support Linda Modaro as she taught by covering her flight costs in and out of New Zealand, as well as her travel costs while she was going around the country teaching.

$1,390 was donated towards supporting Linda’s visit to teach in New Zealand.


Support Winton Higgins

Winton visited New Zealand in late 2015 for a second time and he explored a contemporary approach to the teachings of Gotama, the man we now know as the Buddha. We sought support to cover his New Zealand expenses – international travel and accommodation – with the aim of making any teachings he offers for dana only.

A selection of his dharma talks and other writings can be found here.

If you would like to prepare for Winton’s next New Zealand visit in April 2017 by throwing some dana into the kete with a donation, please do so.

To date (1 February 2017), $100.00 has been donated towards supporting Winton’s April 2017 visit to teach in New Zealand.

Support our general fund

The general fund covers expenses that arise from running the Trust, which may include legal and compliance costs, auditing the accounts, developing and maintaining this website, and advertising in publications such as Inquiring Mind, as well as any incidental expenses.

Should the amount raised to support a teacher fall short, the trustees may choose to make up a contribution from the general fund to match funds raised, up to a maximum of $500.

Our hope is that through your generosity, attendees at retreats with visiting secular insight meditation teachers will pay no fee whatsoever. Every one of our donors gets a personal thank you by email.


If you’re in New Zealand, it is simple to make a direct credit / online transfer (e.g. via internet banking) directly into an Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust account.

The general fund account number is 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 00
Separate accounts have been set up for:
Stephen & Martine Batchelor 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 01
Recollective awareness teachers 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 02
One Mindful Breath 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 03
Insight dialogue teachers 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 04
Winton Higgins 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 05
Linda Modaro 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 06
The Tuwhiri Project 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 07

Or go into any bank branch to make a donation into one of the above accounts. Then please email treasurer Karen Kopp letting her know how much you’ve given, and the account into which you made the payment.

Receipts for tax purposes are sent out in January, April, July and October each year.

If you are outside New Zealand wanting to make an international bank payment, the information as to how to do this is below.

Make your cheque or money order payable to ‘Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust Board’ and mail it to:

ABET, PO Box 6626, Marion Square, Wellington 6141, Aotearoa New Zealand

Let us know which kete(s) you would like your contribution to go into.

From overseas, please send an international money order or a bank cheque in New Zealand dollars rather than a personal cheque.

Receipts for tax purposes are sent out in January, April, July andOctober each year.

By automatic payment

Set up an automatic payment from your bank account through online banking. Each year in April, remind us to send you a tax-deductible receipt for the total amount given during the previous year.

By Payroll Giving

If you work in New Zealand, set up a regular donation from your salary or wages by Payroll Giving. The IRD will refund the tax component of your donation so that for each $1 you donate each pay period, the income tax you will be paying will go down by $0.33. To donate to the general fund, download this form, complete it and give it to the people who deal with your wages.

If you wish to pay regularly by credit card, get in touch with us for details of how this can be done.

You can deposit your donation directly into the Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust account from another bank just about anywhere in the world. To do so, you will need to give your bank this information:

1 • The amount of the donation.

2 • The Account Name – Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust.

3 • The Account Number – only one of these:

38 9019 0064662 00 – donations for the Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust General Fund
38 9019 0064662 01 – donations for secular Buddhist teachers Martine and Stephen Batchelor
38 9019 0064662 02 – donations for recollective awareness meditation teachers
38 9019 0064662 03 – donations for One Mindful Breath (Wellington’s secular Buddhist community)
38 9019 0064662 04 – donations for insight dialogue teachers
38 9019 0064662 05 – donations for secular insight meditation teacher Winton Higgins
38 9019 0064662 06 – donations for meditation and reflection teacher Linda Modaro
38 9019 0064662 07 – donations for The Tuwhiri Project

4 • The name and physical address of the Receiving Bank – Kiwibank Limited, Ground Floor, New Zealand Post House, 7 Waterloo Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

5 • The SWIFT code – KIWINZ22

To fully comply with anti-money laundering legislation you will also need to provide the following information, which will be sent to our bank with your donation:

1 • Your Account Number at the Sending Bank.

2 • Your full name, or your full organisation or company name – no initials please, everything needs to be spelled out.

3 • Your full street address at home, or your organisation or business street address – PO Box numbers are not acceptable.

You need to provide all this information, otherwise your donation will not safely arrive in the Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust bank account.

After providing for your whanau, your family and friends, you may choose to support Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust with a gift in your will. This gift can take the form of the residue of the estate, a percentage of the estate, a specific amount of money, a life insurance or superannuation policy, or property such as your home, works of art, jewellery or shares.

Leaving a bequest is simple, but as with any matter concerning your will, it is wise to seek legal advice. A solicitor, Public Trust or Trustee Company will help you ensure your intentions regarding your will are completely clear.

Suggested bequest wording

I give (item or $_________________) to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust for its general purposes and I DECLARE that the receipt of a trustee of the nominated beneficiary will be a full discharge for my trustees who will not be bound to see its application.


New Zealand residents who make donations to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust may be entitled to claim an income tax rebate. Companies which make donations to the Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust may be entitled to a deduction for income tax purposes.

The amount and eligibility to claim a rebate or deduction will depend on certain criteria being satisfied.

If you give more than $5, are a New Zealand taxpayer and you would like us to send you a tax-deductible receipt for your donation, make sure we have your email or postal address.

Claiming a tax rebate

What are the laws regarding tax rebates?

Donations of $5 and over to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust by individuals and businesses that pay New Zealand tax are tax deductible.

Individuals can claim a rebate of 33.3% up to the limit of their total annual income and companies to the limit of their annual net income. Small businesses with five or fewer shareholders are also included in the company deduction.

Claiming your tax rebate and donating it to the trust is a wonderful way to make your donation go further, and contributes even more to making the dharma widely available in Aotearoa.

Your donations to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust are eligible for a tax rebate because the Trust is approved by the Inland Revenue Department as a donee organisation as well as being registered with the Charities Commission.

Why should I claim a rebate?

If you do not claim your tax rebate that money remains with the government. If you donate $100 and claim back $33.33 of the tax you paid that year, the result is that your donation to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust has cost you just $67.66.

It’s a great way of making your donations tax efficient and enables you to actually contribute more to our work.

How do I claim my tax rebate?

Follow these simple steps to claim your rebate and donate it to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust:

  • Complete the IRD tax rebate form IR 526. If you need help completing this form, download the worksheet IR 527 or rebate information sheet IR 525.
  • The IR 526 form available from this page (above) already has Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust’s details completed for your convenience. If you are filling in a separate IR 526 please ensure our bank account details are included on the form in section 7. These are:
  • Account number 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 00
  • Account Name: Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust
  • Post your completed IR 526 form with your Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust receipts to the IRD.

To find out where to send your form consult the IRD website here. If you need copies of your Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust donation receipts, contact us.

  • Let us know you have transferred your rebate to us by downloading a confirmation of rebate form here and either posting or emailing it to us.
  • You can, if you like, send your completed IR 526 form to us, together with your receipts, and we would forward it to the IRD for you.



If you would like to discuss your tax rebate with us, phone 021 97 35 31 or click here to send an email.

Your generosity is appreciated.