Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking

Musician and artist Amanda Palmer believes we should create a new relationship between artists and their fans, one based on generosity and trust. Watch her TED talk and be prepared to melt in wonder at her audacity. Marvellous!

‘I firmly believe in music being as free as possible. Unlocked. Shared and spread. In order for artists to survive and create, their audiences need to step up and directly support them.’

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The importance of giving

Giving needs to be practiced and developed because our underlying tendency toward attachment, aversion, and confusion so often interferes with a truly selfless act of generosity. An act of giving is of most benefit when one gives something of value, carefully, with one’s own hand, while showing respect, and with a view that something wholesome will come of it. The same is true when one gives out of faith, respectfully, at the right time, with a generous heart, and without causing denigration.

– Andrew Olendzki, ‘Dana: The Practice of Giving’

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