Linda Modaro

US meditation teacher Linda Modaro travelled around New Zealand during November 2016 teaching the practice of recollective awareness meditation, in which people are invited to look more deeply into their own meditative process.

She took on Jason Siff’s Australian and New Zealand teaching tour while he took well-needed time off. This 2016 visit to New Zealand was an addition to an Australia trip; information on the retreats she offered in Australia can be found on

Thank you for your generosity in supporting Linda Modaro by covering her flight costs into and out of New Zealand, and her travel around the country.

Linda’s New Zealand visit was coordinated by Ramsey Margolis, with assistance from Karl Baker and Karen Kopp.

About Linda Modaro

A full-time teacher with Skillful Meditation Project until December 2016, since 1987, Linda has studied and taught a variety of meditation practices, starting with qi gong and tai ji, Taoist yoga, and sitting meditation.

Meeting Jason Siff in early 2000 inspired a transition from teaching moving meditation and practicing acupuncture to practicing and teaching recollective awareness. She took part in a training programme from 2003 to 2008, studying Buddhist psychology and philosophy with Jason and other recollective awareness meditation teachers on multiple intensive retreats each year.

As an itinerant in the USA, she travels teaching one-day workshops and retreats for meditators new to this approach, and offers advanced training for committed students in small cohort groups. Continuing her involvement in teacher training, Linda mentors other teachers to offer this approach to their local communities.

At home in Santa Monica, California, she facilitates recollective awareness groups and works with individuals’ meditation journals via the internet, connecting with meditators around the world.

Jason Siff’s book, Unlearning Meditation, is an excellent introduction to recollective awareness meditation. Information on this book can be found here, and you can buy a copy through here.

Thoughts Are Not The Enemy – An innovative approach to meditation is Jason’s most recent book and it sums up the teaching approach well.

More information on this approach to meditation, including a description of recollective awareness and a number of talks can be found at

We would like to bring a steady stream of wise, experienced meditation teachers to Aotearoa New Zealand to offer teachings, inspiring some people to learn to meditate and others to deepen their practice of meditation.


Winton Higgins

Making the most of being human was the title of the weekend workshop Winton Higgins ran in Wellington in February 2013. Participants explored how Buddhist practice can be recast in a way that acknowledges the times and culture in which we live, and the choices and responsibilities that confront us now. Recordings and the texts of his talks can be found on the Secular Buddhism Aotearoa New Zealand website here.

Winton visited New Zealand again in late 2015 and he explored a contemporary approach to the teachings of Siddhattha Gotama, the man we now know as the Buddha. We sought support to cover his New Zealand expenses – international air fares, internal travel and accommodation – with the aim of making any teachings he offers for dana only.

A selection of his dharma talks and other writings can be found here.

If you would like to prepare for Winton’s next visit by throwing some dana into the kete with a donation please do so.

    About Winton Higgins

    Winton Higgins began meditating and practising the dharma in 1987. He took up teaching (mainly vipassana) meditation in 1995, in city classes and in silent residential retreats in rural venues in Australia.

    In 2003, he became one of the regular teachers of the Bluegum sangha – an ongoing commitment. These days he also teaches regularly for Golden Wattle and Beaches sanghas, and residential retreats for Sydney Insight Meditators, which he helped to found in 2005.

    Since that time Winton’s meditation teaching has developed towards non-formulaic insight practice based on the Buddha’s original teachings, while his dharmic orientation inclines towards secular Buddhism.

    He fosters interest in the original teachings and their affinity with modern streams of thought and progressive social commitments.

    Winton is a social science academic and a writer; he and his partner, Lena, have two grown-up daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter.

    We would like to bring a steady stream of wise, experienced meditation teachers to Aotearoa New Zealand to offer teachings, inspiring some people to learn to meditate and others to deepen their practice of meditation.