Opportunities to experience Linda Modaro teach in New Zealand in 2016

Linda Modaro

Auckland • Sun 13 Nov 09:30–16:30 • facilitator workshop
The Rental Studio, 175 Garnet Road, Westmere
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Wellington • Fri 18 Nov 09:30–16:00 • facilitator workshop
St Andrew’s on The Terrace (Conference Room 1, level 2)
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Wellington • Sat 19 & Sun 20 Nov • two day public workshop
Expanding Mindfulness – an emotion and thought friendly approach to meditation
The Home of Compassion, Rhine St, Island Bay • 9am–5pm Sat & Sun
Organised by Simply Meditationsimplymeditation.org.nz
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Havelock North • Thu 24 Nov 18:30–20:30 • meditation session and talk
Expanding Mindfulness – an emotion and thought friendly approach to meditation
Havelock North Function Centre, 30 Te Mata Road
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Christchurch • Sat 26 Nov 08:30–12:30 • public workshop
Expanding Mindfulness – an emotion and thought friendly approach to meditation
Avebury House, 9 Eveleyn Couzins Avenue (Flesher Room)
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Bringing Linda Modaro to New Zealand

US meditation teacher Linda Modaro will be travelling around New Zealand during November 2016 teaching the practice of recollective awareness meditation, in which people are invited to look more deeply into their own meditative process.

This year Linda is taking on Jason Siff’s Australian and New Zealand teaching tour while he is taking well-needed time off. This 2016 visit to New Zealand is an addition to an Australia trip; information on the retreats she will be offering in Australia can be found on http://recollectiveawareness.com.au/whats-on/.

We are seeking your generosity to support Linda Modaro as she teaches by covering her flight costs into and out of New Zealand, and her travel around the country.

Linda’s New Zealand visit is being coordinated by Ramsey Margolis, with assistance from Karl Baker and Karen Kopp.


About Linda Modaro

Linda is a full-time teacher with Skillful Meditation Project. Since 1987, she has studied and taught a variety of meditation practices starting with qi gong and tai ji, Taoist yoga, and sitting meditation.

Meeting Jason Siff in early 2000 inspired a transition from teaching moving meditation and practicing acupuncture to practicing and teaching recollective awareness. She took part in a training programme from 2003 to 2008, studying Buddhist psychology and philosophy with Jason Siff and other recollective awareness meditation teachers on multiple intensive retreats each year.

Linda is involved in teacher training with Skillful Meditation Project, mentoring other teachers to offer this approach to their local communities. As an itinerant in the USA, she travels teaching one-day workshops and retreats for meditators new to this approach, and offers advanced training for committed students in small cohort groups.

At home in Santa Monica, California, she facilitates recollective awareness groups and works with individuals’ meditation journals via the internet, connecting with meditators around the world.

Jason Siff’s book, Unlearning Meditation, is an excellent introduction to recollective awareness meditation. Information on this book can be found here, and you can buy a copy through fishpond.co.nz here.

Thoughts Are Not The Enemy – An innovative approach to meditation is Jason’s most recent book and it sums up the teaching approach well.

More information on this approach to meditation, including a description of recollective awareness and a number of talks can be found at www.skillfulmeditation.org.


Donate now

Clicking the pink DONATE button above takes you to a secure website through which you can make a donation by credit card. Whichever country your card was issued in, your donation will be in New Zealand dollars. Please write ‘Linda’ in the comment box.

Donations can be made into the bank account number below to support Linda Modaro’s travel costs, accommodation and enable her to offer teachings:

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To get a tax receipt for donations sent by bank transfer send an email ABET treasurer Pete Cowley letting him know the date and amount of your donation.

Your generosity will be anonymous unless you specifically ask us to acknowledge it publicly.

To date (10 September 2016), $0.00 has been donated towards supporting Linda’s visit to teach in New Zealand.

To find out more

Ramsey Margolis is the primary organiser of Linda’s visit. For more information, phone or text Ramsey on 021 97 35 31 or send an email.