What a wonderful week

– a few words on Martine and Stephen Batchelor’s Taupo retreat

by Maggie Blake

All the dross from the teachings was removed, allowing us to desist from trying to find a way through all the various techniques, which may or may not have helped through the years.

For me it was so helpful to get rid of everything else apart from the four noble truths and the eightfold path.

Over the years of course, one knows the way down the path but one is seduced into thinking that there might be an easier or quicker way. Stephen just cleared all the extraneous bits for me, so now it is on with the teaching just as it is.

It has also been interesting with my own teaching. There is no waffle; there is no other way. This is it. Why go anywhere else, when it is all there.

The Buddha seemed very clear, so did Stephen. Martine was a joy to listen to with her clear directions for following the path. Her accent was a joy for me to listen to.

Having been with them both at Sharpham for three years, it felt like I was back in the family, and of course I am and it was wonderful to connect with them again after 16 years.

My week was one of joy, heartfelt thanks for the dharma, and tremendous love for Stephen and Martine, who continue to bring us the teachings pure and simple.