Giving to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust, you will be covering the travel costs of teachers to come from overseas to share their experience and knowledge of the dharma, the teachings of Sidhattha Gotama, the man known as the Buddha.

Your generosity will be reducing the cost of their retreats, supporting a teacher’s ability to offer teachings.

A word from the Pali language, dana is the spirit of generosity that has sustained the teachings of the Buddha for more than 2,500 years.

For many centuries, this generosity has enabled the support of monasteries, supported teachers and facilitated the creation of retreat centres, as well as a whole range of social and peace practices and projects.

The tradition of dana is a beautiful and precious one, inviting us all to cultivate great generosity of heart and to participate in sustaining a priceless and joyful teaching of freedom and compassion. It is an acknowledgement of our interconnectedness and interdependence.

In Asia this is apparent, as the monasteries and centres of learning that are generously supported by the lay community in turn offer a place of refuge and teaching, as well as a whole range of projects dedicated to peace and the relief of anguish.

The challenge we face is to translate this spirit of dana into our own culture.

The generosity of others

Insight meditation teachers do not charge a fee for the teachings; their efforts are supported by those they teach by way of dana.

We are reminded that it is the generosity of others which allows a teacher to sit before us, and that our generosity – or dana – will enable these teachers to continue sharing their wisdom, and that of Sidhattha Gotama, the Buddha.

Our capacity as a community, a sangha, spread through Aotearoa New Zealand, to support teachers depends not just upon the generosity of those who benefit from the teaching, but from those of you who know the benefits these teachings have brought to your own lives.

Recently described as ‘giving forward’, we invite you to participate in the ancient and rich tradition of dana. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Truly, it is what enables the continuation of the teaching.

We hold out our kete for your dana, asking that you offer what is in your hearts to give, whether an occasional donation for a teacher or by setting up a regular automatic payment into the Trust’s general account, of whatever amount.