Claiming a tax rebate

What are the laws regarding tax rebates?

Donations of $5 and over to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust by individuals and businesses that pay New Zealand tax are tax deductible.

Individuals can claim a rebate of 33.3% up to the limit of their total annual income and companies to the limit of their annual net income. Small businesses with five or fewer shareholders are also included in the company deduction.

Claiming your tax rebate and donating it to the trust is a wonderful way to make your donation go further, and contributes even more to making the dharma widely available in Aotearoa.

Your donations to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust are eligible for a tax rebate because the Trust is approved by the Inland Revenue Department as a donee organisation as well as being registered with the Charities Commission.

Why should I claim a rebate?

If you do not claim your tax rebate that money remains with the government. If you donate $100 and claim back $33.33 of the tax you paid that year, the result is that your donation to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust has cost you just $67.33.

It’s a great way of making your donations tax efficient and enables you to actually contribute more to our work.

How do I claim my tax rebate?

Follow these simple steps to claim your rebate and donate it to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust:

  • Complete the IRD tax rebate form IR 526. If you need help completing this form, download the worksheet IR 527 or rebate information sheet IR 525.
  • The IR 526 form available from this page (above) already has Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust’s details completed for your convenience. If you are filling in a separate IR 526 please ensure our bank account details are included on the form in section 7. These are:
  • Account number 38 – 9019 – 0064662 – 00 
  • Account Name: Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust
  • Post your completed IR 526 form with your Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust receipts to the IRD.

To find out where to send your form consult the IRD website here. If you need copies of your Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust donation receipts, contact us.

  •  Let us know you have transferred your rebate to us by downloading a confirmation of rebate form here and either posting or emailing it to us.
  • You can, if you like, send your completed IR 526 form to us, together with your receipts, and we would forward it to the IRD for you.



If you would like to discuss your tax rebate with us, phone 021 97 35 31 or click here to send an email.

Your generosity is appreciated.